They Say The World Is Turning

by Sidewalk

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About this EP:
This EP is the second of three EP's. Since recording an album is very expensive, I decided to divide it into three EP's. This way, I can save money throughout the year, instead of paying for everything all at once. Each EP consists of 4 songs, meaning that after three EP's, a debut album of 12 songs is ready.

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released November 30, 2010

Vocals, songs: Coen van der Horst
Guitars & bass: Arno Krabman
Drums: Maarten Molema

Produced, recorded and mixed by Arno Krabman at the Graveland Studio (

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering (



all rights reserved


Sidewalk Netherlands

Singer-songwriter from Eindhoven.

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Track Name: This Better Be For Real
Come up here to find me
But there’s no one left behind me
It seems you are all alone

Cos I came down there to find you
To put the past behind you
When you were still on your own

Well let me be the first to pick you apart this time
‘Cos I came up here to whisper, whisper in your ear
That I seem to have lost all my fear

I wanna get to know you, get to know you
For real this time
I wanna get to know you, get to know you
For real this time

Well it seems that we are stuck
in this infinite loop of indecisiveness (yes we are)
And with the two of us combined
I don’t really see an end in sight for this (nope)

And I just know we have to try
I can’t explain don’t ask me why
We will get it right this time

And I told you you could wear my jacket
In case you got cold tonight
You said ”Wow, that’s a great line”
“But it’s the middle of July”
“And the sun’s still shining bright”
Track Name: Stay
If I ask “can I go now?”
I’m trying to reach a compromise
And if I tell you to go now
I’m sure I’d win

And if I call your friends now
would I really find you there as well?
And if I went home now
would you really call me tomorrow?

Go to sleep my love
I’ll see you in the morning
Go to bed my love
Track Name: For The Better
Well my room has never felt the same
since you came and stayed
Though for some it’s just a teenage dream
but it seems I still haven’t aged

And you can call me childish, call me insane
or deranged, but I’m still the same
As I’d like to sit around and daydream my day away
pretend you’ve didn’t go away

Just tell him that your love is gone
Just tell him that you were wrong and why
Just tell him it won’t last forever
Just tell him that your love is gone
Just tell him that you’ve moved on and why
Just tell him that it’s for the better

And I might put myself at risk for saying all these things
cos we said that we were alright
But I’m beyond that stage now
Look at what you did
I’m not afraid to pick another fight

Forget the silence
Forget the sirens
Forget everything you did
Forget the meaning
Forget the dreaming
Forget all the future kids

Cos the thought I was thinking, the day you went away
was “nothing important happened here today”
And maybe I’m so mad, yelling things at you
Well it’s because no one compares to you

Just tell me that your love is gone
Just tell me that you were wrong and why
Just tell me it won’t last forever
Just tell me that your love is gone
Just tell me that you’ve moved on and why
Just tell him that it's for the better
Track Name: October Skies
I’m standing in a miracle, waiting to see what’s next
I know she’s out there waiting for me in her winter dress
And all she does is longing for me and I will do the same
I’ve convinced myself it hurts too much to take away the pain

On and on, anticipating
Thinking ‘bout thinking of you
On and on, beneath October skies

From this point on, no more waiting
Coming down, driving to you
Time for sun beneath October skies

And later on, when we’re back at home, seeing things through
Do you think that we should do the things lovers do?
Should I change this situation now, or walk away for good?
Or leave it just the way it is, it feels like I should

What a night to remember
What a day to relive again
Whatever is on your mind
I hope it’s me again
I hope it’s me again
And again