Have Heart, Will Travel

by Sidewalk

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About this EP:
'Have Heart, Will Travel' is the first of three EP's. Since recording an album is very expensive, I decided to divide it into three EP's. This way, I can save money throughout the year, instead of paying for everything all at once. Each EP consists of 4 songs, meaning that after three EP's, a debut album of 12 songs is ready.

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released December 4, 2009

Vocals, songs: Coen van der Horst
Guitars & bass: Arno Krabman
Drums: Ludwig Witt

Produced, recorded and mixed by Arno Krabman at the Graveland Studio (www.gravelandstudio.com)

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering (www.amsterdammastering.com)




all rights reserved


Sidewalk Netherlands

Singer-songwriter from Eindhoven.

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Track Name: Suzannah

Well my heart is on infinite repeat
And there’s just no stopping now
It’s like when our eyes meet
And the way you look somehow

Well I’d give anything to stop these moments in their tracks
Just to see this thing falling through the cracks

Oh, Suzannah
No one looks at me the way you do
Get your eyes on someone else
I’ve got other things to do

Save yourself some trouble
Save yourself some time
You know you’re in my bubble
And that you’ll end up in rhyme

Oh, Suzannah
No one looks at me the way you do
Get your eyes on someone else
I’ve got other things to do

Oh, Suzannah
I already know this’ll end in tears
Should I move on to someone else
and get rid of all my fears?

And I know he is with you now
And I’ll wait for you
I will let these things go now
I hope you will too
Track Name: Connecticut

This i95 gets me every time
Every time I go up and down
The windows down and everything’s fine
Passing just about every town

And the leaves here, they’re on fire
One big blaze for miles and miles
Words from wire to wire
The air is filled with false denials

And I still have nowhere to go
As I tried telling you so

Connecticut, I tried to but
It seems I have to go
Connecticut, I’ll tell you what
Someday I’ll tell you so

And it takes such a long time
For me to get from A to B
I should take my time and that’s fine
But with you I want to be

And I’ve crossed all of New England
Just to be with you
So when I arrive, take my hand
And see things through (this time)

There’s nothing in New London for me anyway
Track Name: Magical

The way you undress leaves me watching speechless
I can’t help myself
And the morning dew, jealous of you too
And can you really blame it?

And of all the crazy ways you’ve shined some rays into my life
And of all the crazy laziness that kept you in at night
And whenever you are near me I just need to touch your skin
And whenever you’re away from me…
I’ll always let you in

You are magical to me
You are magical to me
You are magical to me
You are magical to me

At times I forget that all you do is showing me
you actually want me near to you
So please don’t take a holiday or a business trip to Spain
And please don’t take your love away and say it’s just a game

Cos I do apologize for all the things I’ll eventually do
And I do apologize and change my ways for you
And I tried to write a song filled with words just for you
But I only came up with one line that’s actually true
Track Name: Ember

I will tell you now baby
And hopefully you will see
That in spite of the leaves outside
I’m not going to leave you, here with me

Things are falling around, around
But it’s always the same routine with me
When you come around
It’s still the same feeling deep inside me

And yes, this door is shut and yes, you’re waiting
And yes, you’re going to be free
And no, it’s not all wrong and no, not on purpose
Do I keep you here with me

Cos your eyes
Remind me of the red in ember
And you will see
That Tuesday’s a day to remember

Someone said it was comfortable
And someone told me to hide my love away
Not that I’d ever listen to anybody
Or to any of the words that they say

Keep quiet and tell no one
You may lose her for good
But my case is different
Will nobody come forward and tell me
How I should proceed?
Oh please
You’ve got no idea

I will be honest I will never be anybody
if someone doesn’t love me back